We make a difference

Caring for the environment is not just something we pay lip service to. Our depth of feeling about sustainability is bottomless. On a personal level, we were brought up thinking about conserving resources, and that almost genetic feeling of responsibility toward the world has flooded through into our adult lives and more significantly, into how our company is run.

Responsibility in action

So, for example, our office practices recycling as a policy and focuses on law energy use. The Company cars we use are among the lowest carbon emission vehicles available. We operate an obligatory employee car share system too: one car – four people.

So what does it mean for you?

Well, we hope you’ll appreciate how we minimize our impact on the environment without impacting at all on the service we offer you. It’s why we are a hire company – we reuse where possible. We also incorporate sustainable materials, minimize waste and much more. For further details about our commitment, please read our Environmental Policy Statement below.

Environmental Policy Statement

Avant Premiere is committed to promoting sustainability by supplying services and products that are provided to the highest professional standards, whilst being energy efficient and involving the economic use of natural resources.

In order to promote good environmental practice throughout the organization, Avant Premiere is committed to:


  • Identifying and assessing the environmental impacts of our activities.
  • Minimizing waste by using materials as efficiently as possible.
  • Endeavoring to reuse, recover or recycle materials whenever possible.
  • Minimizing toxic emissions from our production processes (using water based paints).
  • Minimizing toxic emissions from our business transport activities by maximizing the efficient use of lorry space.
  • Minimizing toxic emissions from our personal transport by enforcing a car sharing policy.
  • Operating as a hire company – everything we make gets used and then used again and is not thrown away.
  • Ensuring that environmental policies are understood at all levels within the organization and provide appropriate training where necessary.
  • Striving for continual improvement in our overall environmental performance.
  • We are now working towards BS8901 sustainable events.