Avant Premiere recently partnered with 6Connex and Iwaton to power events on a virtual platform as its local agent for Sri Lanka. Understanding that the future is fast becoming virtual and that virtual events will not disappear after the pandemic is over, AVPR combines the best of available technology with the adrenaline of an event, to bring to its customers an experience they will not easily forget.

 The provider of this new solution, 6Connex is a global leader in providing software and services for enterprise online events. The company offers a cloud-based, quickly configurable product that is both secure and reliable. 6Connex focuses on transforming its clients’ big ideas into imaginative results in the real world.The virtual platform by 6Connex is a large-scale tool that gives even 30,000 people the ability to individually access each exhibitor hall, lounge, and virtual lobby. The experience is both immersive and interactive, and all available spaces can be customized. This gives the client greater freedom to organize the event that they have painstakingly conceptualized in their mind. The platform allows the client to create fantastic events without being held back by having to use locally available resources. The speed at which the platform can be customized also allows the client great leeway to plan and execute an event in less time than it takes to organize a physical event.

The flexibility and speed of the platform makes this a great solution for an event any time of the year. But, this is the ideal solution when travel is limited yet allowing clients are still able to host their events without compromising the team’s or visitor’s safety. Also, with the quick growth of virtual events, it is important that Sri Lanka joins the march to virtual and technology-based events. Avant Premiere takes great pride in partnering with Iwaton Consultancy which is the leading technology solution provider in the areas of market intelligence and business development, to be the first in the country to use this cloud-based virtual event solution to organize events in the country.

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