Signage and Hoarding Project by Avant Premiere

We understand that the first challenge in building tourism in the country is perception. Conflicts that prevailed in the past for decades in certain areas in the Eastern province left a bad impression on the area. Therefore Avant Premiere was given the responsibility with the authority of the Eastern Province Ministry of Tourism helped to erect Signage boards and hoardings depicting important information to facilitate tourist development facilities. Avant Premiere was involved in supplying, transporting and erecting these signage boards in places determined by the Ministry. All signage boards will be printed in all three languages (Sinhalese, Tamil and English). The boards were erected at places such as national parks, Tourism site, Town or region of significant tourism interest and activity. The project was successfully carried out by Avant Premiere and we are hoping to carry out this signage project by erecting signage boards and hoarding at more provinces around the country.