Google’s See Inside is a natural extension to the Google Street View technology. Google See Inside is a 360 degree interactive and panoramic virtual tour of any business that is created by photographs that are stitched together and made into a virtual tour that is directly uploaded on the google search engine. Through this, customers have the ability to “see inside” a particular business even before they enter it and get a feel of what it is like to be inside virtually at that business.

This can be accessed through the Google search engine, the most used searched engine in the world for information on businesses, Maps, Street view and Business View

The technical aspect

 The panoramic photographs that are being taken are stitched together to create the perfect virtual tour. The stitched photos are them uploaded into the Google servers using the google software used to create the virtual tour.

Features and Benefits
  • A customer can walk through the business premises even before visiting the place
  • A business can increase sales due to the huge level of visibility
  • Integration into Google maps and Google Street View
  • Easy to use and user friendly 

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