The Mice related services Avant premiere offers are in conjunction with the MICE industry and MICE Tourism to help position our country as a pivotal site for business, seminars and other entertainment facilities. Mice related events are usually bid for in advance and carried out through flawless planning and is known for its demanding clientele.

Therefore we are prepared to start organizing early in order to provide our services efficiently to carry out these MICE activities. We have a flexible and experienced team ready to handle whatever location, size or purpose. Be it indoor or outdoor, pre or post events at or away from immediate location, strenuous or mediocre, day or night. We can cater to your needs whatever your requirements may be.

We provide you with various options, for instance you may choose to travel by a luxury vehicle or by a Victorian stream train on the viceroy express. For the more adventurous, you can choose to arrive at your meeting or conference on elephant back or via a convoy of tuk–tuks.

Our co-ordinators will take care of details and manage logistics – Combining perfection with finest in home-grown hospitality, Transforming your incentive or corporate event into an unforgettable exotic experience. We also offer respective parties information, consultancy, advice and expertise when it comes to planning and professionally implementing to organize and stage functions/events in Sri-Lanka.

During the official meeting, conference or seminar we can organize –

  • Team building sessions
  • Fillers
  • Activities for energy creation
  • Activities to bring focus and constructive dialogue

After the official sessions we can organize –

  • Game oriented excursions and sight seeing
  • Themed games
  • Spouses/Kids entertainment

For evenings/Night parties we can organize various theme nights. For example, such as –

  • Oscar Night
  • Bollywood Night
  • Las Vegas
  • Egyptian Night
  • Tribal Night 

There are plenty of reasons why Sri Lanka has become one of Asia’s most exciting new MICE destinations. MICE services when broken down consist of;

Sri Lanka is a key destination for reputed and renowned corporate commodities to stage their meetings securely, efficiently and in privacy. These meetings can be organized at various state of the art locations whether it is a luxury hotel, resort or convention centre. The sheer diversity and selection of adequate, fully equipped and well maintained facilities offer professionals, Academics and high profile Entrepreneurs an opportunity to have meetings in a comfortable and sound corporate environment. Avant Premiere are prepared to handle various meetings varying from Head of state meetings to Entrepreneur and corporate head meetings or even smaller scale meetings relating to sales or purchases. The process in order for us to organise and carry out a meeting for you is as follows;

-          Your specific terms of reference

-          Quotation

-          Confirmation

Incentive Travel (Groups)
This is an all-expenses paid, business related travel designed to provide motivation to key stakeholders, employees and satisfy customers in order to help businesses become more successful by accentuating performance and loyalty to the brands and services they represent. Sri Lanka has much to offer incentive travellers with its numerous attractions and creative programs, such as team building endeavors, personality enhancing sessions, motivational grooming projects and other incentive based activities. Avant Premiere on the other hand will make sure that all needs of the company required to satisfy their employees or customers are carried out accordingly and efficiently. The following are some of the services relating to incentive travel we provide;

-          Arranging Transport services

-          Arranging Hotel facilities

-          Arranging Airfare requirements

-          Arranging entertainment facilities

We organise conferences both formal and informal at venues with international standards that ascertain versatility, efficiency and authenticity ranging from Head of State conferences to Medical, engineering, Corporate, Finance, real estate, architectural, marketing or Expert panel and other small scale informal conferences. The process in order to carry out a conference is as follows;

-          We Bid to get the Conference

-          Once accepted, we identify Your specific requirements for the conference

-          We send you a proposal with all the relevant requirements

-          Provide advice on certain aspects of the conference

List of Ministries – Conferences

  • World Bank
  • Unicef
  • UN
  • Oxfam
  • Red Cross
  • Alianc Fracis
  • ADB
  • Jaica

Sri Lanka holds both regular and ad-hoc exhibitions. Sri Lanka is the ideal Hub for exhibitions offering a myriad of fully equipped, multi faced facilities where numerous awe-inspiring and mesmerizing exhibitions ranging from professionals, academic and corporate public displays to internationally renowned brand exhibits have been staged covering architecture, automobiles, engineering and design festivals and exhibitions respectively. These exhibitions vary from meetings and conferences as they are carried out on a much larger scale. Avant Premiere is capable of carrying out these exhibitions whether it is on a local or international stage. An exhibition usually consists of buyers and sellers and we are prepared to carry out the needs for either party.

-          We provide Buyers ( Trade visitors and general public ) with services.

-          We provide services to the Sellers with regards to their stalls, brochures, etc