Google Street View

Partnered with Avant Premiere
Avant Premiere (Pvt) Ltd is proud to be Google’s authorized events partner in Sri Lanka. We are currently carrying out the Google Street View project across the country. Google welcomes Sri Lanka to the Street view family to create new views of the Country to share with the world.
What is Street View?
Google Street View provides a panoramic 360 degree views from designated roads throughout its coverage area. Google Street View coverage is the same as that for the Google Maps application. ( There are additional features such as hotel availability, prices and showing distances from specific locations. Users also have the ability to report problems.


Map usage

  • It is most useful when indicating a location on a map. By default, Street view is enabled on a map and a street view Pegman control appears integrated within the navigation controls.
  • Street View images are supported through the use of the Street View Panorama objects, which provide an API interface to a Street View “Viewer”. Each map contains a default street View panorama, which you can retrieve by calling the maps “get street view” method.

How does it work?

  • Collecting Imagery
  • Continuous Panoramas
  • Re-projecting Imagery
  • Editing and Blurring imagery
  • Publishing the Imagery

Is it Safe?

  • Public access only.
  • Images are not in real time.
  • Individuals and license plate numbers are blurred.
  • Further blurring of specific images on request and ability to report concerns.

How does it help Sri Lanka?

  • Displays more of our diverse heritage online, which is accessible to all.
  • Emergency services can use this.
  • Google Street View can be integrated with hotel and other websites.
  • Creates long term jobs and academia.