Logo Creation & Illustration

Your logo is the principal feature of your brand. It depicts the nature, values and stance of a business, organization, community or individual. You need a team of highly trained experts, logo makers, designers and illustration artists to weave all different threads of your story together. Avant Premiere offers research-based logo creation that will place your brand at the perfect marketing spotlight.

Animated Banners/Advertisements

Our team at the Avant Premiere creates the most eye-catching animated banners/advertisements that pop up on a web page, without too much clutter or distraction. We understand that it takes high levels of skills to keep a viewer’s interest in these particular visual elements and we love delivering the results.

Flyer & Leaflet Designs

Flyers and leaflets are usually the first offline-introductions to a business, organization or initiative. The Avant Premiere team can come up with quick but effective leaflet and flyer designs to hold a potential target market in the loop.

Letterhead Designs

A letterhead is the official document of your business. As a powerful extension of your brand story, the letterhead design must convey the business’s presence in a subtle and precise manner. Avant Premiere specializes in calling attention to the intimate details of your business through this important parchment.

Catalogue Designs

The Avant Premiere design team is known for creating clutter-free designs; a skill that is highly sought after when making all types of catalogues. We offer cost-effective catalogue designs that can be delivered within a very short period of time.