Voice-Over content is one of the best ways for a business to successfully reach a new target audience; that too in a cost-effective manner. From finding the suitable voice actor, voice over artist, scripting the narration, to recording with high-tech equipment, Avant Premiere offers a complete package of services to our customers.

Music Editing & Mixing

Let your musical passions soar with creativity and leave us to worry about all the rest. We are equipped with globally recognized commercial audio editing and mixing softwares and a creative team of highly skilled professionals.

Our service focus is on every crucial aspect of your creative project starting with trimming the length of the audio, adjusting amplitude levels, sound editing with added sound effects and channels as well as combining tracks. We are here to help you create a magical sound experience to share with the world.

Audio Conversion

We can now help preserve your old memories stored in choppy quality audio formats that are outdated. With Avant Premier’s state-of-the-art technology, we convert your analogue audio files to high-quality digital formats without harming the original essence of the audio track. We offer format-to-format conversions including mp4 to mp3 conversions, extraction of audio from corrupted tapes, reel-to-reel recording conversion, noise removal and recovery of audio files among the many services.

Ad Jingle Creation

Let us be a part of your brand journey. We are passionate about creating advertisement jingles or brand music tracks that resonate deeply with the relevant focused client base of any business or organization. Don’t forget that these could also be key elements in your future marketing campaigns. So, investing in a customised brand music track will go a long way.  Avant Premiere is strong with a team of musicians, creative producers, composers and vocalists who will deliver your blissful tune.